Cody Morris was a Roblox YouTube channel that was created on 2013. Marshall Law Gamer used to be good friends with him until he started to hate on his videos and make hate videos against Marshall. Cody then deleted his channel in 2016.

Biography Edit

Cody was born in 2002 in Billings, Montana. He started making YouTube videos in 2013.

Video Collaboration with Marshall Edit

Marshall first met Cody on a roblox server. They eventually gained friendship, which resulted in some collaborating videos between the two.

Marshall had the complete higher end when it came to analytics. Marshall had 42K Views to Cody's 25K. Marshall also had a completely higher subscriber count, which he had 250-300 Subscribers more than Cody. According to Marshall, Cody always whined and complained about not having as many Subscribers as he wished. Marshall grew sick of his complaining but dealt with it.

Hate Comments Edit

Upon 1 week after Marshall stopped collaborating with Cody. Marshall discovered that there was hate comments from a channel "DatRobloxKid." Marshall got confused, but he also didn't report DatRobloxKid since he got a great deal of suspicion. He found out on the channel that the channel description said "CodyRoblox's 2nd Channel," along with social media and what his videos consist of. Marshall was furious and confronted Cody. Cody admitted to posting hate comments because he was trying to "pull subscribers to his channel." Despite Marshall being furious and baffled by this situation, he forgave Cody, but Marshall ended the friendship, due to Cody's misgivings.

Hate Videos Edit

CodyRoblox wasn't finished. He ended up making a 3 minute long hate video on Marshall. Marshall reported the video to YouTube, the video ended up getting deleted and Cody faced a community guideline strike and would face termination, if he made another hate video.

Deletion Edit

Cody ended up quitting on YouTube. He stated in a video that he wasn't getting any Subscribers and was mad about it. Marshall called him a "unintelligent attention seeker." A couple months later, Cody deleted his channel, however, on DatRobloxKid, he said he would return.

Personality Edit

Before the Hate Videos Edit

  • Friendly
  • Annoyed
  • Determined

Post Hate Videos Edit

  • Foolish
  • Annoyed
  • Hateful
  • Pessimistic