Hunter (Last Name N/A) was born in October of 2001 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Biography Edit

Hunter is an only child, and currently lives in Texas.

He met Tristen through Tristen's cousin in 2010 and have been friends since although their friendship was a little shaky at first.

Personality Edit

Hunter is generally a friendly person. He usually tries to get along with the people he meets. He's also the one for cracking jokes to his friends while playing around, and even sometimes trolls them.

However, sometimes Mewtine can show his anger toward people who annoy him and/or his haters (especially his haters). Sometimes even making videos to confront them. Most of the time however, he chooses the high-road and just ignores them or deletes their comments.

YouTube Edit

Mewtine made his first channel in 2011, which was named his real name. His channel mainly consisted of plush toy Mario Videos, which were similar to the popular SuperMarioLogan and some animations which one of them got over 250K Views.

A few years later, he would start making Minecraft Videos on a Channel called HBSamiDM, however his channel got terminated, the reason behind it is unknown. He also collaborated with Marshall in a Minecraft Cookie Slap Video.

About a year after his channel's termination, he would create another channel, originally being named "McSquaredGaming." He would usually make his videos on Steam games such as Five Nights at Fredy's, and Garry's Mod. However, he would go through multiple name changes throughout the course of his channel. Such as "ThePolishEagle" and "ThePolishMewtoo." Most notably he would name it "Hunter Mewtine or just simply "Mewtine." However for unknown reasons, Hunter would abandon the channel and create a new one under the same name as "Mewtine."

"You like jazz?" Edit

"You like Jazz," is a line from DreamWorks movie "Bee Movie," which is said by Barry Benson, the movie's main character. That specific line has became a famous internet meme, especially on YouTube.

However, this meme has also gave Mewtine some notice on his channel. On a VRChat session, he transforms into Barry Benson, while also saying "You like jazz?"

Luckily for him, people started uploading his comedy on YouTube, which some videos got over 15K views. His channel would get 100+ Subscribers almost overnight.