Biography Edit

There's not much known about the person behind this channel (other than his name is Andrew). In one video, he states that he's 15 years of age. He also states that he lives with his dad in one video.

YouTube Videos Edit

ThatGamingBro666 was a small YouTube channel. He had merely 109 Subscribers and around 32,015 Views. His videos consisted of Gaming videos on all games, but with a satanism theme. Sometimes the channel had hating rant videos (on Christians Mostly). Despite some supporters, the majority of the viewers came to dislike his videos.

Confrontation With Marshall Edit

On one video, ThatGamingBro666 made a video called, "I Hate Christians." He made a 3 minute long video ranting about Christianity. Marshall commented on his video calling him a "sickening hate filled idiot." ThatGamingBro666 didn't take this well, in matter of fact, Marshall and him got into a confrontation that almost lasted for a month. ThatGamingBro666 even made a hate video called "The Worst Christian to ever Live.: The video got around 1,000-3,000 views. Marshall eventually reported his channel, since ThatGamingBro666 escalated into hate speech against Marshall.

Termination Edit

ThatGamingBro666 eventually got terminated from YouTube. YouTube's reasoning was that he violated the terms of service, most likely from hate speech. On his 2nd channel, he says that free speech is dead, and YouTube is run by biased Christians. His 2nd Channel was also terminated, also for violating the terms of service.

Personality Edit

  • Evil
  • Chaotic Evil (Stated in some videos that he'd practice demonic and satanic rituals, even if that means killing someone, Marshall called him "a real life Kazuya Mishima")
  • Friendly (Toward his supporters, who he called 'satanic disciples.'
  • Angry (Toward Christians and Marshall Law Gamer)
  • Solitary (It's implied that he doesn't make his videos with other people)