Tristen Evan Jones is the founder and video creator of the channel Marshall Law Gamer.


Tristen Jones was born and raised in Cedar Rapids on April 16, 2001. The 2nd largest city in Iowa. Jones is currently the 2nd oldest of his siblings. Jones has a huge interest in sports, especially ones in Chicago.


2004-2014, 2016-onwards (Good)

Generally, Tristen was described as a good kid, by his mom and her friends. He would also vow to be helpful toward others if in need. Tristen would get along well with his friends, generally when they're playing outside or playing video games. Despite being out of shape or at least gets fatigued easy, he loves to play sports, mainly Football and Basketball but also occasionally plays Soccer and Baseball.

2015 (Neutral Good)

Despite still caring for his friends and family, Tristen in 2015 shown more of his meaner and selfish side. He claims that since he was grieving his grandmother's death, he didn't want to be around anyone and just wanted to be alone. Tristen would push away many of his friends, even the ones that were trying to help him. He got annoyed easily, especially when his brother would annoy him. This would also cause a rift in his YouTube Channel since he was very inactive for most of the year. Tristen said what really upset him also is when his father didn't show up to his football game like he requested.

Although he would eventually straighten up toward the middle of the year, he said he lost some of his great friends or was still in confrontations with some others, although they would end eventually.

YouTube Career

Jones first discovered YouTube at the age of 7. He watched the YouTube channel Smosh and SuperMarioLogan. He was fascinated by the YouTube community. On February 28, 2012, Jones created his first YouTube channel, and named it "ChicagoBear210." He continued making videos, mostly depicting on video games of various types. He eventually hit 1,000 Subscribers at the age of 14. However in 2016 he changed his name to "Marshall Law Gamer" since his name was more video game friendly.


  • Trist2337: Was his first channel, however never made any videos on it. Since at the time he was way too young for YouTube.
  • ChicagoBear210/ChicagoBear210-Gaming/Marshall Law Gamer: His main channel, makes gaming videos on it. Currently has 1,900 Subscribers and 450,000 views.
  • Die Hard Sports Fan (and Bears): His sports channel, mainly on the Chicago Bears.
  • Marshall the Green Ranger: His former main account, made on 3 videos, one having 90,000K views on it.


  • Bilingual: Tristen Jones' native language is English. However he is learning Japanese and knows it fairly well. He even speaks Japanese in some of this videos, one specific one where he trolls people using the Japanese Language as a factor.
  • Knowledge in Sports: Besides being a YouTube personality, Jones is known for his knowledge in sports, especially football.
  • Technology: According to his aunt, Jones is described to be the "Tech-Savy" of the family, He was able to assemble and disassemble a Windows XP computer once. Also, his father said he was able to create files and move them at the age of only 3.


Jones mainly believes in Christianity, however he said there's many things in other religions that he could believe in. Such as reincarnation, which is in Buddhism and Hinduism. However, he's said he slightly had some atheist beliefs.



Ms. Parcel: His mother, who Tristen loves dearly, despite constant arguments they get into.

Mr. Jones: His father, Tristen sad he us to look up to him like he was Mufasa (Simba's father from "The Lion King").

Shaina: His older sister, Tristen says he used to look up to her since they were constantly hanging out.

Trever: His younger brother, who constantly tries to assert dominance over his older brother, but fails. Despite this, they try to get along.


Carter Weaver: His longtime childhood friend, and still is currently friends with him. Also is in a lot of his videos.

Hunter (Also known as Mewtine): His friend who he met in the 3rd Grade, despite living long distance. He also made some channel profile pictures for Tristen.

Shad: His YouTube friend, talked on Skype.


Cody Morris: His former friend and also collaborated with him in some videos. Ended the friendship once Cody betrayed him by hate comments and hate videos.

ThatGamingBro666 (Real name is "Andrew."): His former enemy, Tristen criticized him for his hatred and sadistic views toward other religions, which caused a rift. Unfortunately for Andrew, his channel would be soon terminated.